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“I highly recommend this podcast about the important topic of listening. Raquel Ark is a skillful interviewer and brings out fascinating information from her guests.”
(Listener, USA)

“Inspirational! Love the interviews and new ideas!” (listener, Germany)

“Cant wait to hear more❤️” (listener, Phillipines)

“Listen In with Raquel is a treat. These episodes have been insightful, inspiring and ignite further thinking in me. Raquel has a wonderful style of asking powerful questions to engage the guest speaker and interest the listener. The conversations are easeful and illuminating. Raquel’s passion for listening and developing this skill is captivating. Her energy and intelligence in the field of listening is inspiring. Listen In with Raquel is a real treat. Don’t miss out on the previous episodes.” (listener, Great Britain)

“The podcast is very interesting, the added value is the fact the podcast is presenting serious scientific research in an easy to understand for all people.” (listener, Israel)

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