Are you ready
to grow your listening super­powers?

Then you are at the right place.
The world needs our listening
superpower now more than ever,
transforming communication
into connection.


Strengthen your communication, interpersonal and leadership capacities supporting your professional & personal growth through both group and 1:1 coaching.


Listening and communication experiential training to support you and your team to work smarter and feel better, together.


Experience how listening can transform meetings and work processes for increased trust, creativity and effective collaboration.


Through experiential play, practice listening skills in a safe space. Grow this superpower for more impact as a communicator while also discovering your authentic voice.


Your listening SUPERPOWER podcast is focused on helping leaders to transform communication to connection so that we can work smarter and feel better, together.

“You can work smarter & feel better by listening!”

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Proudly presenting:
“Redefining The Rules: Incredible Women On How To Embrace Equity”
Co-author Raquel Ark

This book shares personal stories and practical tips on how to redefine our understanding and approach towards equity.
My chapter talks about how embracing equity is only possible with intentional listening. 
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“My work is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you master the art of listening


communication expert, coach, facilitator, podcast host

Leader­ship begins with listening

listening ALCHEMY inspires you to play and experiment with listening. Discover the gold in every circumstance, relationship, team and project.

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