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How does growing your listening superpower help you to work smarter and feel better?

Recently shared at Tedx Nuremburg, Raquel’s experiential keynote takes you on a journey so you can grow your listening superpower and be a more effective communicator. She inspires, empowers, and motivates the audience in playful ways to practice listening so that everyone can work smarter and feel better. She engages the audience to experiment with listening and learn new skills they can apply right away with their colleagues and their family. They will learn how to transform communication into connection opening doors to creative solutions and meaningful collaboration, especially when challenges arise.

This keynote can be combined with an experiential listening workshop and is a great spark for healthier and more productive conversations during company events.

This talk can be delivered remotely or in person.

Key topics covered are:

  • Discovering the power of listening
  • What science is learning about our listening power and its impact on both the listener and the speaker
  • How listening helps us work smarter and feel better
  • Transforming communication into connection
  • Listening to yourself is the starting point
  • High impact by listening to yourself, others, and the bigger picture
  • Playful tips on how to listen so that your voice can be heard
  • Enjoying partnering with listening so that you can increase your impact and wellbeing.

Keynote and speaker events: Leadership3 Festival 2016, International Listening Association 2021 Convention, Podfest 2021 Women in Podcasting, Tedx Nuremburg 2021

Experiential workshops: more than I can count.

Yes! I would love to inspire more listening in our organization and would like more information!

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