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Listening is a powerful leadership capacity. Especially in a complex work environment of constant change where there is no single best answer. Open, full-circle listening helps create a sense of safety and increases productivity. Leaders can be more in touch with the reality of emerging issues and opportunities while also engaging employees in the process. Listening also opens the door to creativity, inspiration and engaged collaboration. And people feel valued while you feel more energized.

As a leader, YOU also need someone who will listen to you, deeply and with curiosity. Taking time to reflect helps create the space you need to do good work while caring for your own well-being. Learning how to listen to yourself, others and the bigger picture takes practice.

We need Pioneering Leaders who are ready to integrate listening into organizational process and structures to scale up. This field is new and it’s time to pioneer this path together.

Put listening on your organization’s agenda.

Pioneer Playgrounds create a space for leaders and scientists to explore how listening can be measured and integrated into our structures, systems and processes so that all voices can be heard, increasing productivity and wellbeing. Together we can discover how listening can shape our future and be a superpower driver in our organizations and education system.

Would you like to say YES to these statements?

  • People trust me and my team trusts each other.
  • I am clear and feel inspired.
  • My team feels safe and engaged.
  • Our collaboration leads to creative solutions and deeper partnerships.
  • We feel satisfied with our jobs and are committed to the vision.
  • We can make better decisions based on shared information and diverse perspectives.
  • People feel valued even when challenges arise.
  • Projects are moving forward in unexpected ways.
  • We enjoyed working together to get this done.
  • I am energized when I go home.
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