No matter what stage you are in your leadership journey, these workshops support groups and teams to grow communication skills with listening as the foundation so that we can work smarter and feel better, together.

“It takes partnering science with experiential learning and regular practice to create a safe space for listening to transform Communication into Connection.”

Raquel Ark

Listening LAB

Learn the foundations of listening through experiential training weaved with science. This powerful half-day workshop surprises participants about the power of listening while they become aware of their every day communication patterns that may be blocking their potential and that of the group.

In house or online for your organization. Please contact Raquel for availability.

Interpersonal Communication and Collaboration

This experiential training focuses on a core underlying understanding of the role high quality communication can play to support teams’ business goals and encourage a collaborative environment. 

Once training is completed, participants will have experienced a variety of communication lectures, discussions, role plays and tools to increase their capacities to be more effective leaders and team members through high quality communication.

In house or online for your organization. Please contact Raquel for availability

Leadership in Listening

The online executive course Leadership in Listening is based on the book by Victor Pierau. This training significantly improves listening skills and therefore creates better, more authentic leaders. During the training, theory is often combined with practice and participants are given many opportunities to practice with newly learned skills. 
The program consists of 10 weekly sessions. These sessions take place online via Zoom.

For dates and more information, go here or contact Raquel.

Raquel has been a great teacher for me in the art of listening. For me it is extremely enjoyable and inspiring to work with her. She uses a lot of very interactive and holistic methods which helped me greatly to explore patterns of human communication and their effect on teams and groups. It was impressive for me to see that these methods also work online in her online course “Foundations on Transformational Listening”. The course was key for me to integrate listening more consciously into my work as organisational consultant. I also experienced Raquel as a very attentive and thoughtful host of intensive conversations and listening circles and a cutting-edge thinker of how organisations could develop into places of strong human relationships and positive cooperation.”

Alexander Fröde, Organisational consultant, Bonn, Germany

“I first met Raquel when she facilitated a workshop on “Listening” on a conference. Later I joined her Training Course “Transformational Listening” which since then has a deep impact on my own work as a trainer, consultant and coach and equally on my own learning and personal growth. Raquel is an outstanding trainer, facilitator and coach. She has a unique way of balancing “brain food” from science e.g. around listening, with deep and meangingful personal experiences for the participants. Doing this results in body, heart and mind finding together and build powerful allies for transformation – be it professional or personal. Her clarity and profound knowledge combined with empathy and wisdom makes each training a unique, deeply valuable and impactful experience.”

Susanne Conrad, Learning Consultant, Online Coach, Listening Trainer

Raquel is very knowledgeable concerning the art of listening. In her classes she skilfully and respectfully facilitates a exploration process whereby the participants become aware that you need to give space and ample time to yourself and others for real conversation to emerge. Revealing that listening goes beyond hearing words, it involves delving deeper in our senses, slowing down, and giving the speaker full attention, thereby opening relationships to a whole new level. And she makes clear that listening is a skill that can be learned, yet requires practice to be effective. It’s amazing what can happen if you are fully committed to work together with her. Raquel is an excellent coach and facilitator, has the capacity to listen ‘in between the lines’, uses creative methods and is really fun to work with. The results can really be transformational!”

Sascha Krijger, Organizational Coach and Consultant in the not for profit sector, the Netherlands

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