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Most of us have never had a class or been trained in listening beyond a few hours. And most listening training programs in organizations are not based on empirical evidence, which shows that just talking about the benefits of listening is not enough.

We need training to be experiential. We need to know what it feels like to be listened to.

AND we need time to reflect on our experience.

Time to think about it. To let it sink in.

Growing and maintaining our listening superpower takes regular practice with others who also listen to us.

We all need to practice listening in the calm waters FIRST so that we can listen MORE when the waves are crashing.

Raquel Ark

Play to learn

We shape learning paths around listening and communication that are experiential and playful. We create a space where participants can be in discovery and have to reflect. 

Practice to change

We practice listening regularly in different ways, stretching our comfort zone in a safe space. We apply current challenges happening in real time. We listen to each other so that we can all work smarter and feel better.

Partner with science

We shape experiences based on research and can design programs where scientists measure the results, focusing our efforts in the right direction.

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