#Self-Listening as a Powerful Tool to Help You Get #Unstuck and Keep Going with Robbie Swale

How can listening to yourself be an ultimate superpower to live the life you want?

Robbie Swale is a leadership coach, author, and podcaster, whose work focuses on creativity, coaching, and leading with honor. His time is split between his coaching business, writing, and various associate work. He supports coaches to grow their businesses and impact and thrive as people, via a community for coaches and a podcast. An ability to see things differently, understand different perspectives and see the truth in the world without the fear to do or say the right thing is the reason why coaches choose to collaborate with him.

In this episode, Robbie shares his journey on how he developed the 12-minute method while discovering how listening can be used as a superpower when it comes to truly live the life we really want. He also shares about the struggles and resistance he has overcome to be able to make an impact through his writing and how this helps him fuel his creative impulses. 

Robbie also emphasizes the importance of consistency in building good habits. He realized how writing consistently for 12 minutes over time developed a practice of listening to that surprised him. And it helped him get things done and move him forward, even amidst his fears.

Robbie is the author of How to START when you’re STUCK and How to KEEP GOING when you want to GIVE UP, as part of a series that have come out of his 12 Minute Method.  These books provide practical inspiration to get your idea off the ground and help you create good habits and stay focused – even when it’s hard.

“6 years of creating, sharing, and of consistency. I’ve never put my mind to something, created a habit, and kept it before this. And now I know I’m somebody who can do that, and that’s transformational.” – Robbie Swale

Listen IN Notes:

5:54 – How listening and writing have impacted Robbie’s life

7:06  –  Whose words were those?” – prompt for practicing self-listening, Listen to your inner voice and ask a few questions to deepen your understanding.

14:33  – All about listening to your creative impulse and listening to yourself

25:19  – Listening made simple: listening to ourselves in relation to developing confidence 

28:49  – Getting to know the voices in your head. To practice that self-listening, and writing whether it’s for yourself or for somebody else. To practice self-listening and writing from a place of clarity, incisiveness, and compassion.

37: 47  –  All about the act of inertia, creating a change in our organization for the better, be working just a little bit on a project that you think would really serve the customers that aren’t being served in this way. 

38:06  – The impact of doubt on the experience of regret. Regret can feel overwhelming, but it is worth pausing to ask yourself: is my current thought pattern feeling like regret, what can I do about it?

42:42- The importance of getting yourself off the hook from all the outcomes that you think you want because you can’t predict creativity, change, or organization. 

Key Takeaways:

“The good rule of thumb is that the places where we feel the most resistance, the most fear, where we do the most procrastination are the most important places for our soul’s evolution.”

– The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

“Everybody has the voices that tell them, “You’re not the person to do this.” 

One of the games, the way to deal with that, is you don’t have to listen to those voices…because we have some voices in our heads that may come from fear and mostly that fear isn’t real. “- Robbie Swale

“If you write how you think, then as you practice writing, you get better at that, then you also get better at thinking. And if you write how you speak, then you also get better at speaking.” – Robbie Swale

Those conversations (with listening) give me amazing energy.  – Robbie Swale

When I am writing, I feel like I am listening beyond myself. – Robbie Swale

A small amount of time once a week has a much bigger impact than I expected. – Robbie Swale

What would be exactly enough time and not a second more to make some progress?  – Robbie Swale


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