The Mission Of A Lifetime: Lessons From The Men Who Went To The #Moon with Basil Hero

What would happen if we would stop talking past each other and start becoming listeners just like astronauts who went to the moon?

Discover how to listen like the Astronauts who went to the moon. Not only was it a life or death critical skill, listening also transformed how they understood the the world, humanity and their own existence. We can all learn from the simple techniques they used to achieve what no other person had before.

An award-winning investigative reporter, Author Basil Hero speaks about what he discovered about the power of listening in his book “The Mission Of A Lifetime: Lessons From The Men Who Went To The Moon”. He shares stories and lessons from the twelve remaining Apollo astronauts who went to the moon, asking questions that no one had asked them before. In the in depth interviews, they spoke about their true source of courage, leadership, and the quiet patriotism that it took to risk their lives going to the moon. They urge us to reframe our view of Earth to theirs where  having “no identifiable nations, borders, or races; just Earthlings working together as a collective civilization”.

Basil talks about how these astronauts had the powerful ability of observation and listening. In this episode, you will learn about these skills, alongside the simple techniques they used to manage stress and communicate clearly, which can be valuable to us in our everyday professional lives. He also shares their narratives and discusses how their experiences influenced him and others to become better individuals for this planet and its people.

‘[on the Apollo 13 accident] There was no manual to be issued to the rest of the world on how to solve a problem and not panic. It’s a real lesson in how to listen… or die.” – Basil Hero

Listen IN Notes:

00:51 – The lessons the 12 astronauts that landed on the moon learned from their experience: both philosophically and spiritually. How did their experience influence their perception of listening, silence, and life in general?

11:30 – Believing in something greater than oneself: Being a citizen versus a consumer, which one are you?

21:17 – What made the 12 people who went to the moon different?  

24:00 – Simulating for contingency: Narratives on the special kind of communication mission control and the astronauts have, as well as the lessons we can take from these.

27:15 – Basil’s advice to humanity: If we were to listen to the voice of humanity right now, what would it be saying to us?

32:35 – Raquel on lessons from the men who went to the moon: how humankind can pull through even in a crisis moment.

33:22 – Connect with Basil and know more about his book,’ The Mission Of A Lifetime: Lessons From The Men Who Went To The Moon’. 

Key Takeaways:

“You don’t go to heaven when you die, you go to heaven when you are born.” – Jim Lovell to Basil

“Listen to the birds singing. Listen to the wind. There is this notion of listening. Listen to nature.”– Basil Hero

“Sometimes, the less you say and the more you listen, when you speak, it may have more of an impact on people.” – Basil Hero

“What listening requires is having a completely open mind – absorbing the information that is being thrown at you then you respond accordingly.” – Basil Hero

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