Starting from Zero: The Impact of Listening to What is Not Being Said with Grammy Winning Musician Terreon Gully

We often don’t give space and energy to  listen to what is not being said and instead focus on what we hear, our expectations and what we have “practiced” without paying attention to others or the space in between. This can cause a lot of misunderstandings and performance is often lowered.

What if you could pave a way for beautiful moments of collaboration to happen where you can perform your best BECAUSE you are in tune with others and the moment, adapting to what is best for the group (and the audience)?

Grammy winning and musician extraordinaire Terreon Gully is one of the most influential artists of his generation. Tune into this episode as we take listening to a level you may not have considered before. We hope to erase all expectations and start from zero, unveiling unexpected outcomes on how huge listening impacts others. Parallels are made from music, to collaboration,  leadership and life-death decision-making.

Widely recognized for his creativity, versatility, and authenticity, Terreon has mastered a variety of musical genres. His innovative and distinct sound has inspired numerous artists and collaborations—from jazz legends and modern masters to the hottest hip hop icons.

Committed to education and inspiring other musicians, Terreon served as a Professor of Music at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada and has given clinics and master classes all over the world; including, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and New Zealand.

When you listen to this episode and Terreon’s unique approach, not only will you learn how a master musician approaches making beautiful music with others, but you will learn how to master listening for impact in a big way.

“A lot of people feel inadequate if they don’t know and feel like it’s something wrong. But I think that’s how you learn—it’s about being first comfortable and cool with not knowing, and therefore, you are able to listen and learn.”

Terreon Gully

Listening SUPERPOWER Notes:

00:00 – We play, it’s conveyed, they react: Terreon recalls when he first started playing music and how the musicians in church and the cadences of the preacher moved the congregation

03:48 – Music at its highest level: Listening to the space in between. “When musicians are really listening to each other and making the music happen” 

11:33 – Starting from zero and what made a show the “best” that season: What makes it hard for people to be in tune with each other? 

17:32 – Terreon’s tips on how you can become that musician who is able to create something beautiful with others: Take the time and really listen to the music; listen for everything

24:45 – There needs to be a space: Highlighting how you’re only able to listen and learn once you’re comfortable with admitting that you don’t know something

27:41 – Pay attention to what’s being said in order to hear what’s not being said; Terreon’s major life experience being on the jury, creating deductions and making decisions based on what was not said.

41:48 – Are women really better listeners than men?: “I don’t agree. I think everything is based on the individual.”

Key Takeaways:

“For me, music at its highest level is when musicians are really listening to each other and making the music happen.” – Terreon Gully

“We have a limited vocabulary when it comes to language, but if you’re listening and using more than just the language you have in communicating, you have an unlimited amount of things you can say and do.” – Terreon Gully

“Really take the time and really listen to the music. Listening to the music is totally different from checking out the music.” – Terreon Gully

“Pay attention to what’s being said in order to hear what’s not being said.” – Terreon Gully

“People miss out on a lot because they have expectations, so they’re not able to appreciate what is. I think it’s important, whether it’s a concert, whether it’s a movie, whether it’s food, just see what it is and then go from there versus having expectations.” – Terreon Gully


Terreon Gully, allowed the listening SUPERPOWER podcast to use a portion of the music from “Tanktified” in their podcast episode with Terreon which is licensed under TERREON’s MUSIC ASCAP. If you enjoyed the portion of music featured in this episode, please support the artist by visiting

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