Listen In is Soon Relaunching! Are you ready for the big news?

Hello everyone. My name is Raquel Ark. 

I am the host of the Listen in with Raquel Ark podcast, and this podcast has been around, I can’t believe it, for over three years, and I’m coming up to the 50th podcast. Started as a hobby and has turned into a passion. 

What the Show is All About?

Originally, when I started the podcast, I was having amazing conversations with authors, leaders, with scientists about listening because I was trying to discover the superpower of listening, and I thought if I could bring this conversation and record it and share it with others these things that I’m learning, Maybe that will help catalyze this listing movement that so many of us are trying to support.

So the name came through a little collaboration I had with a girlfriend of mine over a cup of coffee where she’s like, ‘Oh, how about listen in.’

Our Mission

Listen in is about listening in to a conversation. It’s about. Listening in that self-reflection where you go inward and reflect on what you’re discovering, but it’s also about listing, and that’s how we came up with the name in the beginning.

But what we’re realizing after this, after three years, is when you do a search on ‘Listen in’, there are so many listen-ins now that there weren’t. Back then, and it’s not always easy to find. 

We are rebranding!

So in the new rebranding, we’re gonna look at a title and some branding that will make it clearer so that more people can reach this podcast and so that we can catalyze even more listening together.

 I hope you stay with me. We’re gonna keep doing interviews. If you know of people who you would love to have interviewed who would be great for this podcast, please reach out. 

If you love the podcast and you want more people to become better listeners, then please share and rate the podcast.

Anything you can do to help catalyze a listening movement together would be awesome. In the meantime, keep doing your theme, keep listing having fun, and you’ll hear from me very soon.


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