Developing Meaningful work With Others Through Listening

What can happen when three strangers from three different countries come together and listen to each other deeply? They learn to live well and become wiser. 

In this episode, Raquel interviews Susanne Conrad, a learning consultant and online coach in Germany, Martin Farrell, an international facilitator and coach in England, and Patricia Koster, a transformation facilitator in the Netherlands. Susanne, Martin, and Patricia met online when they joined Raquel to develop prototypes about how to integrate listening into education and training. One prototype that has been developed through this process is a program called  Live Well, Die Wise. This program emerged as Patricia, Susanne and Martin listened deeply to each other about topics of transitions in life. 

They offer a program called Live Well, Die Wise because they want to share the gift of deep listening in an online environment about certain tipping points in an individual’s life. 

Enjoy their stories about how listening deeply has led to meaningful work together.

Enjoy listening in.


The Live Well, Die Wise program emerged out of a project named “The Virtual Listening Campus”(VLC), where a team of 16 members from 6 different cultures developed prototypes focusing on evidence-based listening in education and training to catalyze a listening movement. The Virtual Listening Campus was part of a four-month program sponsored by the Presencing Institute u.lab 2x, helping teams to develop prototypes that have eco-system impact. The VLC team continues to further their work around listening in a variety of ways. For more information, please contact Raquel Ark. You can read information about Presencing Institutes’ u.lab 2x program here.

Listening is the doorway to understanding, the bridge to connections, and the foundation of trust.”

– Raquel Ark

“Finding the courage to speak had also to do with allowing yourself to be seen and your vulnerability of being different.” 

– Patricia Koster


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01:35 – How listening changed their lives and how it benefited them and their work. Susanne, Martin, and Patricia share their experiences about what made them passionate about listening.

03:25 – Listening has also unleashed the power of their voice. They talk about when they noticed the relationship between listening and speaking and how it helped them have a voice.

04:48 – They share their realizations about the underrated connection of being listened to and being seen.

11:16 – They talk about the program they developed, as they themselves listened to each other deeply. 

12:18 – What is a Virtual Listening Group?

15:06 – How did they create a program through listening to each other?  

19: 33 – Patricia shares a last thought on how we can find our own voice by listening and becoming wiser.

Key Takeaways:

“The first experiences of this really deep listening gave me a feeling of ‘I am seen as a whole human being’ and that was very powerful.” – Susanne Conrad

“Finding the courage to speak had also to do with allowing yourself to be seen and your vulnerability of being different.” – Patricia Koster

“It was very simple, and it was very powerful because you would just listen to the other person. And through that listening, profound changes took place.”  – Martin Farrell

“As we know, it’s when you let go, that new opportunities can come. But we ferociously hold on to things, even if they are things we don’t really want to hold on to.” – Martin Farrell

“We don’t know how the new world will look like, but I think it’s exactly this moment that we can feel strong if we realize we’ve done this before in life.” – Patricia Koster 

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