Accept, Embrace and Empower A New ‘SSStart’:Embracing Stuttering through Listening with Puneet Singh Singhal

Discover the beauty of acceptance and the power of listening.

Puneet Singh Singhal, founder of, joins Raquel Ark on the Listening Superpower podcast to discuss the power of listening and the importance of acceptance for people who stutter. 

Puneet shares his personal journey with stuttering and how it led him to create – a safe space for others facing the same challenges. He emphasizes the need for society to listen without interruption or judgment, and highlights the positive impact that listening can have on individuals and communities. 

Puneet ‘s journey of acceptance and empowerment through listening serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of genuine care and understanding. 

By actively listening and accepting individuals as they are, the organization fosters personal growth, confidence, and a sense of belonging. 

Through continued efforts and a commitment to listening, organizations and individuals can make a lasting impact on the lives of those who stutter and promote a world where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

Don’t miss our conversation. Tune in. Let’s listen in.

“Stuttering is just a difference, it’s not a deficiency of any kind.” – Puneet Singh Singhal

Listening SUPERPOWER Notes:

00:48 – Puneet’s experience of being a listener and observer 

02:08 –  Transition from being a stutterrer to becoming a public speaker

04:30 –  Introduction to Puneet’s organization, SSStart – creating a Safe Space for people who stutter

07:22 –  The Power of Acceptance: Importance of listening and treating everyone as equals, stuttering as not a problem to be fixed, but a difference to be accepted and embraced.

11:01 –  Puneet’s personal story and drive to support others, acceptance and self-love as essentials in overcoming the challenges associated with stuttering

17:46 – Embracing Diversity and Curiosity: Welcoming curious people to learn and understand stuttering 

20:57 –  The power of listening and the importance of relationships, listening extends beyond the stuttering community and can enhance relationships and understanding in all aspects of life

Key Takeaways:

“Listening is a big part of the [community] because when we listen to someone who speaks in a different way, it changes our perspective and opens up a whole new world.” – Puneet Singh

“Have a good time. Listening to your partner, listening to your friends, listening to your colleague. I think it may help, it may not help, but it will always give you a better understanding and a better reflection of the world.” – Puneet Singh Singhal

“No amount of money will matter when we die. It’s the relationships and memories that we build through our connections.”  – Puneet Singh Singhal

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