Unlocking Human Potential in Organizations with Mark Vandeneijnde

As humans, we have an immense potential within us waiting to be unlocked. However, often we find ourselves stuck in a fixed way of being, limiting our growth and potential. It’s time to break free from this mindset and embrace curiosity as a way of life.

Mark Vandeneijnde’s keen sense of insight and market understanding were the source of many breakthrough initiatives during his 10 year corporate career with a large FMCG company. As co-founder of BEING at Full Potential, he now uses these same skills to help access the incredible potential that lies within individuals and their organizations. He is the co-architect of the HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment Tool and an adventurous film maker in the area of Business Transformation.

Let’s join Mark in this episode as we explore an innovative and powerful tool that can help individuals unlock their full potential. This tool is designed to probe and challenge individuals in a way that leads to self-discovery and ultimately, solutions.

“What I discovered is that it’s not what you’re doing that is necessarily related to your purpose, but it’s the essence of what you’re doing.” – Mark Vandeneijnde

Listening SUPERPOWER Notes:

01:52 – That moment he first noticed the power of listening: Stepping out of my corporate job and discovering something inside of me that I wanted to express more of.

04:45 – The turning point of that decision 10 years ago: I know what I need to do and I need to move on.

08:11 – How he got clarity in his purpose: Simply going back to those hobbies where you just lose yourself in the process.

13:56 – Tapping into the human potential: Let go of that fixed state of being and enter into a place of curiosity.

25:24 – What is The Human Potential Assessment tool: Listen to potential and to a certain extent even measure potential.

36:08 – What is the tool used for: To probe, to ask questions so that they can eventually come to the conclusion themselves.

41:30 – Entrepreneurship from a place of being: Meeting a need that is coming from within and bridging it to market needs.

47:31 – Advice to leaders on how to do things differently: Look at these young people as a fountain of creativity and ideas to survive long-term.

52:07 – How to support this creativity from younger generations:  It’s a cultural shift; a fundamental change at how organizations look at the potential of their people.

56:31 – Digging deep into the idea of an intrapreneur more than just being an entrepreneur

Key Takeaways:

“If we pay attention and delve beneath the surface of the things we love doing, we discover their essence, the profound quality that truly matters, and that’s where the real power lies.” – Mark Vandeneijnde

“Organizations must adapt and prioritize how to tap into the natural creativity and ideas present among the younger generation.” – Mark Vandeneijnde

 “We assume that senior leaders are the visionaries. However, it is often the junior members who possess the strongest connection to what the future holds.” – Mark Vandeneijnde

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