Channel Inner Calm Through The Power Of Presence and Listening With Jo Boniszewski

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we know everything. What if we took a step back and listened more? Not only to other people, but also to ourselves and to the situation? By opening ourselves up to different perspectives and experiences, we start on a journey of exploration and discovery, even in challenging conversations at work. 

In this episode of the listening SUPERPOWER podcast, author of the book, Thrive in Turbulent Times, Jo Boniszewski shares how to listen so we can bring calm and clear thinking amidst the storm. After 15 years of commercial management roles, Jo became an executive leadership coach and facilitator and has been working many years with leaders and organizations to help them lead with more ease and impact. 

Since 2013, Jo has worked closely with Alan Seale, Founder and Director at the Center for Transformational Presence. She is a programme leader for the Transformational Presence signature programmes. In 2021 Jo launched her online Thrive self-leadership year programme. The programme, based on her book, focusses on equipping participants to build their capacities for thriving in these turbulent times. British-born Jo lives in The Netherlands with her husband René and three children, Alex (2003), Sophie (2005) and Katie (2009). 

Jo shares amazing stories and very practical tips on how to manage our monkey mind and how to become aware of our hidden assumptions, which are key to being able to listen with impact. She helps us understand our human nature and embrace our “weaknesses” without judgment, so that we can extend the same understanding and compassion to others.

Enjoy listening to our journey of exploration and discovery to foster deeper connections and more meaningful relationships at work and at home.

“If you embrace not knowing, you open your mind to new perspectives, new ideas, new possibilities, the potential and the opportunity that might be present in situations.” – Jo Boniszewski

Listening SUPERPOWER Notes:

00:38 – When she first noticed the power of listening in her work with leaders

02:32 – Putting aside the inner chatter: First noticing it, taking one step back, and becoming present.

04:35 – The impact it made on the other person when she put aside her internal chatter: I would notice a sort of settling, relaxing and an opening up.

08:25 – Experiencing the discovery of uncharted territories leading to a connection

15:30 – Surprising moment when the power of listening became clear to her: becoming aware of your assumptions

22:54 – What is listening to a situation? 

27:54 – The result of ‘inquiring together’: Creative energy was freed up and work started getting done.

31:47 – What drove her to write her book Thrive in Turbulent Times: Helping people to meet this turbulence from a place of trust, calmness, clarity and ease.

33:24 – Five steps to bring calmness and Thrive in Turbulent Times

40:31 – Listening as a full body and wholehearted experience

41:54 – What it means to embrace ‘not knowing’

Key Takeaways:

“If you make a commitment to yourself to do it [five steps to thrive in turbulent times] for 10 days just notice what the effect is on your state of being. It’s a doorway that you can walk through to find some more inner calm, inner quiet, and inner focus.” – Jo Boniszewski

“It’s important to accept that you’re human and not judge yourself. That allows you to be more non-judgmental in your interactions with others which is essential when you want to be curious and open to listen and discover.” – Jo Boniszewski

“I view listening as a full body experience that’s wholehearted and whole minded.” – Jo Boniszewski

“Embrace not knowing as being important, even an important capacity to have to be able to listen well.” – Jo Boniszewski

“Embracing not knowing helps you to stay in a place of calm.” – Jo Boniszewski


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