Listening SuperPOWER Podcast, The Journey: Raquel Sharing Her Thoughts and Podcast Journey

Let’s go back the memory lane and look back at how this podcast started. The podcast started as “Listen In” but evolved into the Listening Superpower podcast to explore the impact and importance of listening.

Over the course of the podcast’s three-year run, Raquel has engaged in conversations with experts and individuals from various fields, all centered around the topic of listening. 

In this episode of the Listening SUPERPOWER Podcast, Raquel reflects on the evolution of the podcast and its focus on the topic of listening. She shares her initial intention of capturing conversations with amazing people about the importance of listening in various aspects of life. 

Raquel discusses how the podcast has helped her learn and grow, and her desire to share these insights with the public.

She talks about her journey of getting used to having her voice out in public and the decision to change the podcast’s name from “Listen In” to the “Listening Superpower Podcast.”

Raquel explains that the podcast explores the power and impact of listening, both in positive and negative ways. She emphasizes that listening is not just about being passive, but also about active engagement, challenging each other, and asking questions.

The episode concludes with Raquel’s thoughts on the podcast’s purpose, which is to inspire new ideas and perspectives through listening. 

Raquel expresses her curiosity about further exploring the integration of listening and speaking in communication to have a greater impact in daily life.

“Integrating listening intentionally in communication can lead to greater impact and productivity.” – Raquel Ark

Listening SUPERPOWER Notes:

02:23 – Exploring the Depth of Listening: Discover how the podcast evolved from “Listen In” to the Listening Superpower Podcast, diving into the impact and importance of listening in various aspects of life and work.

05:12 – The Challenge of Herding Cats in a Listening Project: Learn about Raquel’s experience in a listening project where the abundance of ideas and perspectives made it challenging to focus on a single prototype.

08:01 – Planning a Convention with a Listening Approach: Explore how Raquel applied a listening approach to planning a convention, empowering team members to take ownership and make decisions collaboratively.

11:11 – Active Listening and Collaboration: Understand the misconception that listening is passive and discover how active listening, challenging each other, and open conversations can lead to better collaboration and outcomes.

14:01 – Inspiring New Ideas and Perspectives: Learn how the Listening Superpower Podcast aims to inspire listeners by sharing stories and conversations that can change perspectives and create personal growth.

16:23 – Exploring Listening Alchemy: Delve into the concept of listening alchemy and its potential to transform challenging conversations into valuable insights and outcomes, and the intention to integrate listening intentionally in communication.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Once you start paying attention, listening is everywhere.”
  • “Listening Alchemy is about transforming messy conversations into valuable insights.”
  • “Integrating listening intentionally in communication can lead to greater impact and productivity.”

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