Listening to Discover Your Authentic Self in Surprising and Fun Ways  by Dr. Katja Brunkhorst

It’s easy to lose touch with our true selves in a world that constantly bombards us with external noise and expectations. We often find ourselves seeking validation and approval from others, forgetting that the most important voice to listen to is our own.

Revealing our identities and embracing our unique qualities can be a transformative experience. It’s about recognizing that we don’t need to add anything or strive to be something we’re not. We already are 100% enough, just as we are. 

So why do we hesitate? Why do we hold back from presenting our authentic selves to the world? Perhaps it’s the fear of judgment or the belief that we’re still lacking in some way. But the truth is, we don’t need anything else. We have everything we need within us to shine brightly.

Dr. Katja Brunkhorst is a Human Disco Ball, with the following facets of serious serial expertise: Writer | Coach | Yoga Teacher | Punk Rock Philosopher | Personal Branding Strategist | Founder of Bright Idea, the agency for authentic communication & creative consulting. Her zone of genius is short-form poetic profitable prose for women entrepreneurs who want to move the world with moving words.

In this episode, Katja helps us explore the power of self-listening and the journey towards self-acceptance. Embark on a path of self-discovery, where you’ll learn to trust yourself, honor your truth, and live authentically.

“Trust yourself; listen to yourself from the beginning, because, otherwise, you’ll just spend your whole professional career trying to get rid of unnecessary layers.”Katja Brunkhorst


00:44 – That moment she discovers the power of listening: In my family, I very much remember not being listened to; the realization that people need to listen to each other for the world to thrive

02:13 – How her experience of not being listened to made her hide her true self

05:39 – The empowering spirit that comes when you feel listened to even when you are silent

06:16 – How two people can connect deeply, not necessarily verbally: Making music with other people, through the sounds, I think you can communicate and hear each other on a deeper level.

08:18 – Attributing to the sound side of yoga in finding her new identity: To sing a mantra together, combining it with a certain intention, and sometimes as simple as just a certain hand movement.

11:37 – Experiencing the fear of not being listened to

14:02 – Discussing the case of a “not listening mom”: The trick is to try and let go of that good girl, people-pleasing, perfectionist side.

16:41 – How to start listening: Listen to yourself.

21:12 – Writing techniques to get you into the natural flow of doing it

23:35 – Another writing technique she recommends: Recollection in Tranquility

30:35 – A mantra you can use cutting through the fear of not being promoted or not being seen and appreciated for your good deeds

34:07 – One significant melodious message Katja shares: Follow the joy.

Key Takeaways:

“The voice is the most personal part of us; there resides your personality.” Katja Brunkhorst

“To be really able to listen, you have to have someone who is very safe and secure in themselves.” Katja Brunkhorst

“Listen to yourself. In order to write well, and write copy or books or any sort of text that connects, you need to first connect with you again.” Katja Brunkhorst

“My claim has always been revealing identities. I don’t want you to add anything that you think you’re still missing or think you’re still not good enough.”  Katja Brunkhorst

“This is a message from a Yoga philosophy, “You are exactly as you are; already 100% enough.” Katja Brunkhorst

“You can just be you and literally present that to the world. You don’t need anything else. This is going to make your life much, much easier and your success to come along much, much, much faster. Other than spending the rest of your life unlearning and stripping off and revealing.” Katja Brunkhorst


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