Soul Biographies Film Maker Nic Askew on Seeing The Human Soul by Experiencing Nothingness So that Something Can Emerge

Imagine sitting in a chair looking into a camera and being seen in a new way that feels like complete belonging.  And even though it’s new, it’s like it has always been there. It’s always been you.  

Our guest filmmaker Nic Askew, shares a simple, yet profound way to experience listening, and his method may surprise you. 

He is the creator of Soul biographies, which includes the search for the Soul of America.  His unique interview method is a profound way to witness the human soul. This is an experience where you feel interconnected, belonging and have conscious insight. Nic shares his stories about how he uses film and works with individuals and groups.

Nic describes his work…“so that we might see ourselves reflected in each other so that we

might see beyond all differences, so that we might come to remember that we belong to each

other without condition, and act accordingly.”

Enjoy listening to this unique episode where we dive into nothingness so that something can emerge.

“The business of a witness, we might call it a listener as well, is really not to get in the way. And it starts with nothing, no- thing, no act on your part. And then let the experience just happen.” – Nic Askew


02:39 – That moment he discovered the power of listening: Everything starts out of silence

11:10 – Expounding on the misconception about the nature of connectedness

16:06 – Giving yourself permission to simply be and embracing nothingness and just letting the experience happen

21:01: Getting to notice the experience of the absence of one’s action: It sets a course of change which you can’t unset.

28:53 – What it is like experiencing someone without doing anything

37:47 – How deep listening happens from a clear space 

41:25 – Personal experiences of having something emerge out of doing nothing

46:15 – The simplicity of being present and the potential for profound change that arises from this state.

55:26 – Connect with Nic Askew

Key Takeaways:

“The experience of this person, the experience of anyone you care to sit with or be with is best finding you, not you it.” – Nic Askew

“Connectedness just exists. It’s there to be experienced. And the way to experience it is nothing in the way.” – Nic Askew

“Most people, I think, are driven by this deep sense of wanting to belong, wanting to be a part of it. And it drives us to pretty much live our lives doing certain things But the irony is that in the

realm of the interior world, there is no working towards. Only “Just IS”. You are just a part of it. We are connected. You belong. There was never any condition.” – Nic Askew


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