Listening Through Chaos: Building Trust and Resolving Conflict Impacted By Our Subconscious Patterns with Thais Gibson

Conflicts can cause major stress on your relationships and your wellbeing. And often it’s hard to put your finger on what just happened or why the same thing keeps happening. 

What if in that moment of chaos, when you feel overwhelmed or frustrated, listening could be your answer to breaking unhealthy communication patterns. In this episode of your listening SUPERPOWER podcast, we do a deep dive into how listening to our subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs can impact how we communicate at work and at home.  

My guest Thais Gibson, the creator of the Gibson Integrated Attachment Theory™, gives us insight on how our subconscious patterns impact how we make meaning about ourselves and how this impacts how we communicate. 

Her innovative framework unites traditional attachment theory, developmental psychology insights, and the potent subconscious reprogramming techniques.  She shares stories about how subconscious patterns can be managed for healthier relationships, and she gives us practical tips on expressing our needs, setting boundaries and on fostering connection. 

Thais has nearly a decade of experience running a successful private practice. She also has a diverse experience in modalities such as CBT, NLP, somatic experiencing internal family systems and shadow work. And this has influenced the Personal Development School, which is her educational platform that integrates an innovative coaching training program, which is based on the integrated attachment theory framework.

Enjoy this episode of your listening SUPERPOWER podcast where Thais shares frameworks that can help you notice how listening is impacted by your subconscious patterns and what can do about it, also in the business world.

Let’s listen in.

A Gift from You from Thais and Raquel:

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listening SUPERPOWER notes:

03:18 – The power of listening in childhood and its impact on adulthood
04:38 – Coping with chaos through Listening
07:39 – Impact of childhood experiences. importance of being present and listening in relationships
09:13 – Healing through listening. The impact of childhood experiences on adult relationships
12:41 – Resolving conflict through understanding, strategies for validating feelings and resolving conflicts
15:11 – Uncovering underlying wounds. The stages of relationships and navigating through them, both at home and at work.
16:13 – Childhood roots of adult patterns
20:08 – Impact of past experiences on present reactions
21:40 – Overcoming fear of giving feedback
24:56 – Shifting subconscious behaviors
25:28 – Reflections on business growth. Applying techniques to help team members with core wounds in the workplace
29:15 – Building trust and relationships
40:29 – Empowering others through positive reinforcement, Thais recommended resources for personal development and daily content on YouTube

Key Takeaways:

“…the power of listening is something that not only calms people but helps…become a mirror into people as well.” – Thais Gibson

“(In conflict)…often we talk about superficial things. But if we get more present and we investigate a little bit further, it’s really these underlying wounds that we’re feeling.”  – Thais Gibson

“Hard things are there to actually level us up to the next stage of who we’re about to become.”  – Thais Gibson

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