More Practical Ways to Get People to Listen to You: The Practice of High-Quality Listening

As Raquel traveled back to Germany from visiting her family, she brought along stories that spoke volumes of her purpose in life – practicing and being surprised by our listening superpower. Reflecting on a routine she had while traveling as a younger person, she took time to look at the window from a cloud perspective and truly listen to what 2023 wanted to tell her. 

With an open heart and mind to the possibilities of what 2023 has in store for her, she was surprised at an immense sense of gratitude. And she shares this with us on this episode.

True to her passion, she is continuing to advocate for more listening to take place – listening to ourselves, to others, and engaging others to listen to us.

In this episode, Raquel returns to the often-repeated question, “How do I get people to listen to me?” She offers us more practical tips on how to be a channel for people to lean in and listen to us and for us to listen more to ourselves.

“High-quality listening is when we listen with no judgment. And in our listening – we are interested, we are objective, we are neutral.” – Raquel Ark

Episode Recomendations:

Listening SUPERPOWER Notes:

00:37 – A quick sharing of her vacation and great time catching up with the people she cared for 

00:59 – Looking forward to having great podcast guests lined up for this new year

02:18 – Raquel’s story of reliving childhood memories with fondness and getting the chance to listen to herself

04:09 – Listening to what 2023 wanted to bring for her: “A great sense of gratefulness for many things.”[enumerating them here with you what she is so thankful for]

07:23 – Importance of varying your voice — the tone and quality of your voice to make people listen to you

09:03 – Speaking like a box of chocolates

12:46 – Helping the person speaking to self-reflect where there’s no judgment to reduce prejudice

13:28 – A quick discussion about research  on high quality listening in diversity, equity, and inclusion 

17:30 – How to approach a stakeholder with an extreme opinion: “One of the best things you can do at that moment is to practice high quality listening.”

Key Takeaways:

“One of the important things is to change your tone of voice. This varied voice helps people to stay interested and to listen to easier.”– Raquel Ark

“You are asking questions that help them even understand themselves to think further.” – Raquel Ark

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