Reflecting on 2022: Tips on How to Help People Listen to YOU Better for Facilitating More Intentional Listening in 2023

On the shortest day of the year, known as the Winter Solstice, Raquel takes a moment to reflect on 2022.

What brought you light this year? As the days start to get longer and extend, what would you like to extend further from 2022 into 2023? 

And as we take the opportunity to reflect on the year,  how can we continue to raise the opportunities for more listening, whether we are listening to ourselves, others or even helping people listen to us.

In this episode, Raquel was  inspired to answer the most frequently asked question she was asked this year:  ‘How do I get people to listen to me?’ 

Listen in as Raquel shares actionable tips to help you become a better listening facilitator to ensure that you are also listened to, and experienced by the people around you.

“When you want someone to listen to you, the best thing you can do is start by listening to them first. ‘– Raquel Ark

Topics Covered

01:11 – What’s unique with Winter Solstice: the shortest day of the year. It’s a great day to take time to reflect.

02:49 – Setting up the conversation through curiosity and intention. When you want someone to listen to you, the best thing you can do is listen to them first.

04:34 – Importance of preparation during meetings and conversations. And being very clear about your agenda

05:11 – Empathy and listening

06:50 – The most important thing you need to do at that moment is to be fully present

08:39 – Importance of checking in during the conversation. Ways to check for understanding, regardless of your audience

Episode Mentioned:

Cultivating the #ListenFirst Movement with Communications Scholar Graham Bodie

Key Takeaways

[on how to facilitate checking for understanding during meetings and conversations] “Find ways to check understanding. Just check in instead of rambling on. There’s a very good chance that they did understand, but they thought of something else, or you were not clear enough.” – Raquel Ark

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