Navigating Reflective Leadership With Authentic Presence: Embracing Your True Self and Trusting the Process with Benjamin Achenbach

Navigating leadership authentically and self-care is not easy, especially when it seems like everything around you is “crashing down”.  Yet, what if this is an opportunity to find your purpose?   Discover the power of listening in purpose-lead leadership through this thought-provoking podcast episode.

Dive into a reflective conversation about the importance of being present, self-care, purpose, and trusting the process. Explore the journey of a working dad, leadership principles, and the impact of listening on personal and professional growth.

In this episode,you will enjoy listening to how Benjamin ‘Benny’ Achenbach  has navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship.  He shares a story about how he learned to listen to his inner voice amidst a family crisis that wiped his slate clean.  Benny is a sports enthusiast, a proud father of three, and the vice President of People & Culture at Just Spices GmbH .

Benny shares his experience around heart led leadership and decision making. Not only do we talk about fostering inclusive workplace cultures, our conversation transcends business by exploring resilience, self-awareness,  and the pursuit of happiness.  

Enjoy listening in.

“All leaders should be empathetic, and at the same time, capable of at least trying to actively listen” – Benjamin ‘Benny’ Achenbach


01:22 – Raquel and Benny’s post-Wim Hof Expedition chance encounter. Reflecting on a serendipitous meeting that sparked a unique friendship and a transformative journey towards active listening mastery
03:09 – Uncover the power of reflection and connection in anchoring transformative experiences through active listening and shared reflections
06:14 –  Explore the transformative power of active listening in personal growth and communication, leading to deeper connections and understanding in relationships.

10:28 – The backpack method for reflection, delve into the art of active listening and the power of silencing distractions to truly engage and connect with others.

11:57 – Intention setting and reflecting on daily actions, uncover the hidden truths behind common social interactions and the power of active listening in fostering genuine connections.

17:05 – Benny’s  journey to Vice President of People and Culture
20:09 – Overcoming family business challenges
29:04 – The role of reflection and falling forward in business
34:26 – Trusting the process and maintaining positivity
40:29 – Integrating listening into business practices, thoughts on being present, reflecting, and self-care
53:22 – How to connect with the Benny Achenbach

Key Takeaways

  • “Try to be there for yourself because when you are there for yourself, you can also be caring for others.”- Benjamin Achenbach
  • “Reflect about what you’re doing every day, every second, every minute, every hour, the entire day, until your entire life is done.”- Benjamin Achenbach
  • “Have a clear North Star for yourself and your team. It’s about believing in the vision for the next five to ten years. For us at Just Spices, it’s about going international and making cooking easier for our customers. This should be at the forefront of your mind. “- Benjamin Achenbach
  • on Listening “The more you are in the present moment and appreciate and be grateful for this journey in life, the more magical it can be.” – Benjamin Achenbach

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