Oscar Trimboli Full Interview: Getting Personal and Down to Business with Listening

Oscar Trimboli is an experienced coach and mentor to senior executives. He has worked with executives at CEO and CFO level and with senior divisional and functional executives in a range of industries. He is the author of Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words, a professional speaker and mentor, as well.

This episode focuses on listening in organizations and to customers that lead to action beyond what we typically consider. How did Microsoft miss out because of not listening? And what can young professionals do so that they are heard by the upper management? And Oscar Trimboli’s quest to create 100 million deep listeners by 2030. He gives great examples to inspire you to join this quest in unexpected ways.

“From a listening perspective, good leaders probably allocate about a third of their time… externally, Great leaders do about half of their time externally to listen to the marketplace.”

   – Oscar Trimboli


01:50 – The difference between a good listener and a great listener

03:54 – How listening can be effective in half the time while at the same time doubling your impact

05:41 – The value of multi-generational leadership to  young professionals

08:24 – How the dialogue and listening can be truthful and compelling among employees and leaders in an organization

10:35 – Digging deeper into a model of listening: the context and unsaid

18:19 – Listening is action, how to make conversations as human as possible to break barriers of communication in organizations

22:09 – How not listening to customers and marketplace will cost you your business

24:50 – Discussing the five levels of listening: listen to yourself, listen to the content, listen to the context, listen to what’s unsaid and listen to the meaning

32:06  – Actionable step for young start-ups: Know what problem you are solving and make use of surveys

33:19 – How to make customers an integral part of your organization’s internal processes and success

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